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For Just One Measly Dollar, YOU Get...


30 Days of Access

To The "Court Club"


It's Our Way To Encourage You To

Give it The "Old College Try"


(Limited Availability Trial Enrollment Below)



Here's What You Get EVERY Month

As a Court Club Member:


Our monthly Court Club Call. Every month you and the other members join Ed Rush Sr. and the Court Club team for a power-packed career-enhancing call that is designed to get you better. No one...and I mean, no one has a better network of guests that we bring you every month. Recent guests have been NBA Finals referees like Monty McCutchen, Joe Crawford, NBA Decision makers like George Toliver and Joe Borgia, NCAA Coordinator of Officials John Adams, Final 4 Referees, Coordinators for the ACC, Big-12, Conference USA, Pac-12, WCC, and more!


A recording of the call on mp3 for repeat listening. Our most-successful members take it with them in the car to games or even listen in to it during pre-game.


A recording of the call on CD for repeat listening. Heck, we'll even send you a copy of the call in the mail. That way you can build your library...while you get more & better games.



Ability to ask questions on the live call. Imagine the power of being in a camp environment every single month. The kind of place where you can meet & know some of the best officiating minds in the country. Then imagine that you can do it all from the comfort of your very own home.

Plus, because you are applying today, you'll also receive the following 3 Bonus absolutely FREE:


Bonus #1: Ed's Rush Sr's personal e-mail address for questions and play review. Send Ed your plays and questions. He wants (make that "loves") to hear from his members.



Bonus #2: Access to and ability to apply for Court Club Elite Summer Program. Let me be very blunt. There is not a teaching camp on the planet like ours. If you want to be one of the best officials in the world, you need to be here. Period.



Bonus #3: Access to The Court Club Online Video Review Program.
View, comment and upload videos with game and breakdown notes to accelerate your video review capabilities. This new state-of-the-art system is SUPER EASY to use and is guaranteed to improve your play calling and help you get noticed, move up and get more game... FAST. Plus, each month, we will send you stack of plays which have already been broken down for you!





And a bunch of surprise bonuses and gifts reserved only for Court Club members!


Ok…by now you’re probably
Still wondering why we would
Give Away all of these

Incredible Bonuses
For Just $1.

Simple…we know that once you see how career-changing these can be, you are going to be running to your mail box every month to see what tips and techniques are there. (We literally have piles of success stories to prove our stuff works.)

Seriously…if just one new idea each month meant another game at a higher level (or a whole season at a level higher!), you’ll have your investment back in spades! PLUS! If membership in the Court Club does for you what it’s done for hundreds of referees so far, then you’d be crazy not to continue, right?

To activate your membership and claim all of the Bonuses listed above, you pay a one-time investment of $1 (that's it!). Once your membership is approved, you’ll immediately begin receiving all of the member benefits.

Then...and ONLY after you are completely satisfied, you’ll automatically be charged the discounted member investment of only $29.95 per month. And here’s the best part. If at any time, you want to cancel your membership, simply call, write, or fax our office at (619) 292-2599, fax (619) 292-2598 or mail PO Box 1290, Bonita, CA 91908 anytime and we’ll stop charging your card immediately.

No worries…No hassles…No questions.

Very seriously…we want you to be completely satisfied. Plus, we are sure that once you begin to see the results in your career, you’ll want to remain a member for good.

So, be sure to act now and process your enrollment. You can’t lose, unless you procrastinate and miss out on this one-time offer.


checkmark.gif  Yes! Ed, I want to invest in my officiating career. Enroll me in the Court Club. Since I am acting now, I will have a trial month at just $1. Once my trial 1-month membership in the Court Club is complete, I will invest the low monthly coaching rate of $29.95 a month. I also understand that I can cancel at any time and that previous Court Club Members had to invest in the Basketball Officiating Success System before being accepted and that I don't have to do that - I'm getting in for just one dollar.

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I understand that I am joining the Court Club where I'll

receive monthly coaching calls with Mr. Ed T. Rush as well as a CD mailed every month.

And I'll also be receiving the login password to the secret Video Review Website as well.

I understand that after my 30 day $1.00 trial, I will be receiving my Court Club Membership
at the lowest monthly investment of $29.95 a month and that I can cancel at any time

by contacting Ed's team at:

Ed Rush & Associates

P.O. Box 1290, Bonita, CA 91902

Phone: 619-292-2599/ Fax: 619-292-2598